Mess Is Mine

It feels like all of my posts (what few there have been, and including poems) have revolved around my own frustration, and I hate to devote any more time to the same subject. I don’t like doing that; I’d told myself that this would be less of a hey-look-I’m-a-good-complainer and more of a this-is-me-take-it-or-leave-it-but-I’m-gonna-keep-being-funny-as-hell. Which so far I think I’ve miserably failed at.

So this post is going to involve me complaining about me complaining. Creative, right?

Seriously: it’s so easy to complain and lament how stupid everybody around us has become and just generally be a stick in the mud (stick-in-the-mud?). I don’t know if this is just my generation, or if adults much older than me struggle with the inability to phrase a sentence without it devolving into petulant whining. (Well, okay, the petulant part is probably fairly unique to me, but I’m okay with being childish. It helps me get my way- and who doesn’t like that?)

I’ve noticed this especially in my conversations with my boyfriend the past couple days. Of course, it’s not just him, but I find it easiest to carry on around him, since he happens to be one of the few people I trust not to just ignore me.

Plus his responses are hilarious.

Besides that, though, I’ve also been going back and reading some of my journal entries (I’m a fairly consistent journal-er), and the amount of whining I do is ridiculous. To be fair to myself, I actually don’t complain as much as I could, but it’s still pretty ridiculous. And if I’m not wailing about life, the universe, and everything, then I’m freaking out because such-and-such happened and I think it meant this but whatifI’mjustreadingtoofarintothis?!

This is, honestly, one of the reasons I can’t put up with most of the girls in my school. They do nothing but complain or create drama and I like to think that I’m a pretty relaxed person. Sure, I’m hyper during second block, I fidget constantly, I gossip like an old woman (though only really with my best friends, which just happen to be male), I drop out of conversations for no apparent reason, I obsess over British television, I make the dirtiest jokes during Choir, and if you can’t handle sarcasm and/or random insults (that I swear I say out of genuine fondness) then you’ll absolutely hate me… but despite all that, I really don’t get into much drama- unless yanked in by some idiot. I can complain with the best of them, but I really hate it when girls go on and on about random little things that I fail to give a shit about (does that make me a hypocrite? whoops).

Or maybe I’m just reading too far into this. I wouldn’t be able to tell: I’m just some dumb kid who complains more than a sleepy toddler.

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