At the End of the Day

This was written for Writing 101

I have a big issue with permanence. For one, it coincides with my intense fear of being forgotten. I mean, I don’t want every little one of my mistakes immortalized for the rest of humanity to judge, but I’m terrified that nothing I ever do is going to matter in the grand scheme of things. I like permanence. I like the idea of having a thought crystallized (well, not crystallized, per se, but I’m trying to use imagery) on my body until I die. I don’t necessarily want to go through the crap involved with selecting and getting a tattoo, but I like the idea.

Of course, I’m also one of those people who retypes the same sentence twelve times and (yes, it’s true) deletes 90% of my tweets/texts/posts/stories, but perhaps I’m just not comfortable with the face I show everyone being a face I didn’t paint myself.

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