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Our Thunderous Silences

This was written for Writing 201: Poetry

High school:

A cacophony of deafening personalities,

Everyone racing,


Fighting for individuality

In the midst of a war

That cannot end.

If we had nothing to battle,

What would we do

With our emerging identities?

In a symphony of adolescent instrumentals,

I am the piano,

Dancing quietly below the louder instruments,

Just soft enough to remain underneath their notes

But important enough that without me

The entire piece would fall flat

And be reduced to nothing

But useless noise.

I must pay close attention

To every note I play;

One misstep and the piece comes crashing

Down around our sunburned ears.

No matter how cautious I am,

There will always be the one line

That my fingers stumble over:

I’ve learned to keep moving,

Keep playing,

And smile like I haven’t royally fucked up.